Tropico 6


Studio: Limbic Entertainment
Publisher: Kalypso
Target: Playstation 4 + Xbox One + Windows + Linux + Mac


Engine/Middleware: Unreal Engine 4 & Wwise
Langage: C++ & HLSL


The following list is non-exhaustive but representative.

  • Technical Direction
  • Created a multi-platform environment for the team and improved the engine as well as the game for all the targets during the whole development.
  • Maintained the engine and the game for all the platforms during the whole development.
  • Budgeted Technology: Visuals | Performance and Optimization.
  • Investigated the best of Unreal then changed and improved it in many ways to support technically a challenging city builder project for many platforms.
  • Implemented various custom rendering techniques which required Unreal rendering pipeline to be changed and improved. Involved a lot of console profiling.
  • Handled PS4 TRCs and Xbox’s XRs technical implementation.
  • Implemented asset management (Initial Loading Strategy + Chunks for Consoles)