Welcome !

Welcome on this website that acts both as a Portfolio and a CV.

With it, you could check all the projects I worked on, my professional experience or simply contact me.

Or if you are interested in a narrated version of my career, you could read below a brief overview of my history and my beliefs within the game industry. The following can be considered as a “cover letter” if you need one.

“A passion for Videogames”

I don’t need to explain why I love games so much, it’s probably the same as many. However, I realized early in my life that creating them and programming them can be equally fun. The magic on stage appealed to me as much as the trick.

Therefore, I decided to make a career of programming games. To do so, I performed studies at an Institute of Technology (in software engineering), then at a University to obtain National Licence (in software engineering). I finished my education successfully by obtaining a Masters Degree in Video Games at ENJMIN (The Graduate School of Games and Interactive Medias, France).

Every projects I contribute to, I make my best to extend my knowledge that allows me to reduce the link between the machine, the game designers and players. This the lesson I learned from participating in multiple Game Jams. From my internships, contributing to Just Dance games at Ubisoft, to the recent release of Tropico 6, I widely developed my skill set.

Highly motivated in crafting innovative games, as a programmer, I spend my spare time on learning and creating various technologies (Gameplay, Architecture, Engine, AI, Network, Automation etc…) => Games are in constant evolution, which is why I feel the need to constantly improve myself. But I still consider that the most important factor in a project is making the best out of a team. To achieve that, I do not hesitate to challenge overall project workflow. I advocate communication and collaboration. This mindset helped a lot in Heroes VII and Tropico 6 as I was someone to technically rely on, from management to juniors.