It is the second school year project at ENJMIN, created over 6 months.

The scope of the project, defined by the school, is to create a pre-production proptotype (concept to FPP with a vertical slice). It must be a project that is presentable to investors.


Website: DevBlog [FR]

Game Concept

We made a great PDF to explain the game concept: Beyond – Game Concept Flyer.pdf (3 pages).


Engine / Middleware:

  • Unity 3
  • Wwise
  • XInput


  • C#
  • C++ and C++/CLR for WwiseUnity (a binding of Wwise C++ API to Unity C# environment made for this project) and UnitInput (XInput C# binding)


Best Art Direction (Playsoft Stage One Contest) at Paris Game Week 2011.

Full Gameplay video

Beyond 2.0

A new version of Beyond was at some point in Study:

With a work in progress on creating a new robust and efficient SoftBody 2D Physics Engine into Unity: