Other Projects

Claude Sangfroid : Hardcore on the Dancefloor

This game has been developed over 3 weeks at ENJMIN.

Game Concept

“Claude Sangfroid : Hardcore sur le Dancefloor” is a game about Claude Sangfroid, a famous singer which is performing a concert at the Alexandrie Lighthouse. But some pirates wants to kidnap his dancers called “Claudettes”. Claude have to defeat incoming waves of pirates while maintaining the concert fever.


Engine / Middleware:

  • GameMaker 7 (mandatory)
  • Wwise (using GMWwise)


  • GML (GameMaker Language, Delphi based)


Cancelled Indie Game.

Game Concept

It’s a game which is like Startopia in a MMOG form.


This project was born by a group of people working together. As the engine programmer of this project, I created an engine called LucyEngine. I also acted as project lead.

In the end, the project has been cancelled but a lot has been learned.



  • LucyEngine (multiplatform and multiple rendering devices) based on OpenGL3


  • C / C++ (for LucyEngine)
  • GLSL
  • C# (asset pipeline and tools)
  • Mono as script VM.