Other Projects

Claude Sangfroid : Hardcore on the Dancefloor

Game developed during 3 weeks at ENJMIN.

Game Concept

“Claude Sangfroid : Hardcore sur le Dancefloor” is a game about Claude Sangfroid, a famous singer which is performing a concert at the Alexandrie Lighthouse (the given subject by teachers). But some pirates want to kidnap the dancers called Claudettes. Claude have to defeat incoming waves of pirates while maintaining the fever of the concert.


Engine / Middleware:

  • GameMaker 7 (mandatory)
  • Wwise (using GMWwise)

Langage :

  • GML (Game Maker Langage, Delphi based)


Cancelled Indie Game.

Game Concept

It’s a game which is like Startopia in a MMOG form.


This project is born by a group of people working together. As the engine programmer of this project, I created an engine called LucyEngine. I also act as Project Leader and lead the project as well as I manage the team.

After some mistakes, the project is actually paused, waiting to be resume as soon as I think having enough experience to start it over again.



  • LucyEngine (multiplatform and multiple rendering devices) based on OpenGL3

Langage :

  • C / C++ (for LucyEngine)
  • GLSL
  • C# (asset pipeline and tools)
  • Mono as script VM.