Just Dance 4



Company: Ubisoft
Console: Wii & WiiU
Also done on XBox360 & PS3 by Ubisoft Reflections (Newcastle)
Website: http://just-dance.ubi.com/en-us/games/just-dance-4.aspx


Engine/Middleware: LyN Engine (also used by Just Dance 3, Rabbids, Red Steel 2 etc…)
Langage: LyN Script => C-style script (transformed to real C for retail)

The following lists are non-exhaustive but representative.


  • Multi-Studios development: readable code, documentation and support. (a feature developed in Paris is used by Reflexion/Newcastle, Milan, Pune and Bucharest)
  • Master the engine to give the best to creative team as technical contact for graphic team.
  • Gameplay R&D: Battle mode, Smart Sweat Class. Various field of development about gameplay development (loadings, beats control, pictos, video, user interface etc…).
  • Limited resources hardware (Wii) and unknow new hardware (WiiU) => strong experience in profiling, debugging and optimization.


  • Work on a new upcoming HD console: WiiU.
  • Multi-platform over multiple console generation.
  • Improve core gameplay code, memory usage and performances based on Just Dance 3 experience and needs for Just Dance 4.
  • Participate to put innovation in Just Dance with Battle & Sweat mode by being part of the creative process.
  • Assist graphic & audio team in finding issues and improve their technical workflow.
  • Multiple Milestones: intense polish & debug sessions within short time.