Game developed during the 1st school year (beside White) at ENJMIN during 3 months.


Game Concept

IN2 is a cooperative platformer game played by 2 players. A first one control the main character called IN2 and a second one use a custom device to control a platform inside the game. Both players must coordinate to beat the game.


Engine / Middleware:

  • XNA (game rendereing)
  • Wwise (sound engine)
  • WiimoteLib (custom input device based on wiimote)
  • WinForm & GDI+ (level editor)

Langages :

  • C# for XNA & Winform
  • native C & C++ and C++/CLR for Wwise (more info: WwiseSharp)

Other :

  • Electronics & Optical Physics study about the custom input device.


Best Game Design (E-Magiciens 2010). Third in technical section.