Game Jams


Making games is my passion. The main problem is that not every indie game I started haven’t been finished.
Game Jam events are here to prevent that to happen: They allow me to make a lot of errors that must be learned and avoided in long projects. What you live during a 6 month project, is here shrinked and experienced during 48 hours !
It has following objectives I love:

  • Challenge ! A game within a short time, from scratch to end.
  • Don’t have any limit other than the time.
  • Working with friends or unknown coworkers, we are only there to create amazing games.
  • It’s stimulating to make hundreds of decisions within 48 hours… instead of 48 month.

Sifteo “Experimental Gameplay Contest” (prototype): Pub Roulette
(look for a comment made by¬†“SHIFTYWEB” to get our submission)

Global Game Jam 2013: Sweet Therapy Disaster

Ludum Dare 23: Interstellar Moai Ranger => Interstellar Moai Ranger

Note for viewers: don’t miss the huge evil threat coming at 3:10 in the video.

Global Game Jam 2012: Welcome To The Freak Show (WTFs)

Ludum Dare 21: Pastagus Fantasy => Pastagus Fantasy

Global Game Jam 2011: MasterBeer


The game concept is about smashing your mouse by clicking every bubbles before they get out of the bottle. The goal is to “convert” bubbles in beer as much as possible (perfect is 33cl).

This game is “special”: the Global Game Jam asks teams to create a game in 48 hours. But the main problem was that during 43 hours, me and my team haven’t been able to have an understandable gameplay.
After the team decided to start over a previous prototype they already worked on (outside GGJ), I tought it wasn’t the GGJ “spirit” and decided to start a new game from scratch as expected in Game Jams. Masterbeer is born after 5 hours of work, with the quick help of other “jammers” for graphics and sound.

Global Game Jam 2010: Car Crusher