Welcome !

Interested in gaming and programming since I was young, I naturally threw myself into the videogame domain by performing an HND, a Licence (both in software engineering) then a Masters Degree in Video Games at ENJMIN (The Graduate School of Games and Interactive Medias, France).

Every projects I work on, I make my best to extend the knowledge that allows me to reduce the link between the machine, the game designers and players. Through my internships and Just Dance games at Ubisoft, I gained a lot of experiences by actively contributing to their respective projects.

Highly motivated in producing innovative games, as a programmer, I spend my spare time on prototyping various features (softbody engine, middleware implementation, software architecture etc…) => Games are in constant evolution, which is why I feel the need to constantly improve myself. As gameplay programming isn’t only technical, I don’t hesitate to to make my best to improve overall team’s workflow. I also rely a lot on communication inside the team.

Game development is thrilling, that’s why I’m also greatly involved in multiple Game Jams (such as Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare).

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my projects on this website, check my experiences and then contact me.